Jofama Leather Jacket


Hi guys, here you have a small impression from my outfit I wore during our trip to Constance two weeks ago. It was not supposed to be an outfit post, but I wanted to show you my all-time favourite red Jofama leather jacket. Jofama is a Swedish brand and what can I say, the Swedish know how to make clothing. ^^ It is real leather and for that reason it is a bit expensive, but still soooo worth it. Over the last couple of years it became more and more important to me to wear clothing with high quality. It just fits better on my body and it is simply more comfortable. The same applies to these shoes. I never had such perfect shoes before – stylish and comfy at the same time. I love that I can wear them with a bright outfit (like this one) or totally in black, too. With a black outfit you can make them more of an eyecatcher. Totally my thing, haha.

But now some words to Constance. It is such a beautiful little city with a population around 81.000 (mere my district, where I live in Berlin has more than 380.000 citizens, btw 😉 ) Anyway, I was completely overwhelmed by the cuteness of the city. Because of the proximity to the Lake Constance it is so idyllic. Especially with the high mountains in the background. Unfortunately, it was just a day trip, so we had not a lot of time to do everything we wanted. But it was a great sensation. I will be coming back.


jofama leather jacket // sweater from new look // jeans from bikbok // shoes from Jeffrey Campbell // bag from h & m // shades from garrett leight

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