Bun Bao – finest Asian burgers


Have you ever tried an Asian burger? No? Then you should definitively check out Bun Bao. The specialty: Instead of using the typical burger bread they use steamed yeast dumplings. I know these kind of burgers from street-food markets like the one in Markthalle Neun in Berlin Kreuzberg, but in May 2015 Bun Bao finally opened an own restaurant in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. The burgers are sooo delicious. I really do not like fast food, at all, but the Asian burgers are so fresh and you don’t feel like a yeast dumpling yourself. 😛

They have a good choice of meat burgers and veggie and vegan burgers as well. I tried the one with shrimps. Never had this before. It was very good, but I prefer the vegan burger. The vegan burger is very crispy and the dip … yummy. Along with that we ordered sweetpotato fries. All in all I cannot stop thinking about these burgers and could eat them every day, haha.

And have you seen the interior? For me it is important to see something different, especially, when it comes to new restaurants. I really like the idea with the screens – looks so funky. Even the restroom is quite different. ^^




Those rest rooms are so scary. - And so easy to keep tidy, haha. Ivan Schneider and Valentina Book, 2015


bun bao – finest asian burgers

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