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How cool is this store?! It is pure accident that I found this place. Actually, I was looking for a nice café to see my girl Esin. Then I bumped into the Voo Store. It is an concept store located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, hidden in a backyard on Oranienstraße. I really really love that kind of stores – there are so many things to see and you can always find something new. They are offering great brands like ACNE Studios, Helmut Lang, Stine Goya, Nike and so on. From street wear to high fashion, from new brands to renowned designers … there is something for everyone. Besides of fashion you can get gift ideas, as well. The Voo Store provides a huge variety of literary classics, design objects and house decoration. Btw, I cannot get enough of these cute little note books. I would love to have them in every size and colour. I would not use these books, probably, but it is nice to have them around. 😛 Anyway, you can feel that Voo place focuses on design, creativity and craftsmanship.

In addition you can enjoy truly tasteful coffee from VOO’s companion coffee showroom, serving special coffee and tea and limited baked goods like brownies – very delicious. You can choose your coffee with soy milk, as well – very good for people with lactose intolerance like me.







voo store in berlin-kreuzberg

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