Ibiza Sunset


I still have some pictures left from Ibiza. I wanted to give you some suggestions for great sunset spots on the island.


Sunset Ashram

Here is one of the most famous sunset spots. Sunset Ashram is located at the most western beach Cala Conta.

It is a beach bar and restaurant as well. Because it is a famous place you need to reserve a table for dinner. We didn’t, but we were lucky because the reservation for our table got canceled. So we had some drinks first and after a while we decided to stay for dinner. To be honest it is very expensive but it’s good value. Very delicious and the location is simply amazing. There is always a DJ playing chill out music… Perfect atmosphere!





Cala Benirras

On a Sunday you should definitely visit Benirras in the North of the island. It is a fantastic spot because a lot of drummers come to the beach to drum the sun down. Benirras is a pretty beach with rocks either side. If you clamber up you will have a picturesque view across the water to an interesting rock formation known as Cap Bernat or referred to locals as ‘the hand of God’.

If you think that is all, you are wrong. After the sunset the real party begins. Everyone is dancing at the beach around the bonfire or just cheering for the drummers. Here you feel that the hippie spirit is still alive.
If you are looking for a bit more romance you can have a sunset dinner in the restaurants that surround the beach.


More sunset places to visit:

– Cotton Beach Club
– Hostal la torre
– Torre d’es Savinar

To get more infos about what to do in Ibiza click here.



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  1. Ibiza sieht traumhaft aus und ein großes Kompliment an dein Blogdesign! Ich finde es total ansprechend, und deine Bilder sind super 🙂
    Ich war noch nie in Ibiza, ich will jetzt aber unbedingt 🙁 ♥


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