Indian Restaurant Chutnify

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The Indian restaurant Chutnify in Prenzlauer Berg is the only one of its kind in Berlin. You have to know I am not the one for Indian food, actually. I looooove Italian food, I can eat pasta in every situation. Also, the Indonesian cuisine is one of my favourites, but I had to try this new place in my neighborhood. It is totally different from what you usually get in an Indian restaurant in the city. Aside from the fact that Berlin is not known for very good Indian food ( 😛 ), Chutnify offers south Indian street food though, which is known to be very healthy and spicy. They cook with a lot of spices like curcuma, cumin and curry, of course. Because we could not decide, we chose the „mixed platter“ for two, which includes two types of dosa, as well. Dosa is a popular south Indian dish, which comes with a wide range of chutney. This is also the reason why they called the restaurant „Chutnify“. 😉 All in all it was a different decent culinary experience. The location was cute and cozy and the service was friendly, but they get a big minus for not accepting credit cards. Due to the money transporter strike we had kind of problems to get cash. -.-

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indian restaurant chutnify


Snakeskin Outfit






snakeskin boots from jeffrey campbell // blouse from equpiment // tights from nike // sweat suit from the kooples // wedges heels from zara // clutch from new look

Have you already noticed that I am obsessed with snakeskin outfits? 😀 In the last weeks I bought a lot of stuff with snake print. A couple of years ago I was totally addicted to leo prints. I honestly had (and still have) everything in leo – from sheets and towels through to cups and umbrellas. ^^ But now snakeskin is really my favourite. I serious consider to buy a snake toilet lid. How cool would that be, haha. 😛

Anyway, here you can get some inspiration for a snakeskin outfit. I am totally in love with the Jeffrey Campbell snakeskin boots. The zips are simply great and make every outfit look very special. But also small details like the snakeskin heels from Zara or the clutch from New Look are definitively an eyecatcher.

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