Stan Smith


This is my official revival of Adidas Stan Smith. I can remember when everybody was wearing these classic flats during my high school years. Now they are everywhere again. 🙂 For this outfit I got inspired by song of style. Because I like to experiment with my look, I tried the combination of sporty and chic. I do not wear sport shoes so often but with a slightly cropped blazer like this one which I got from a little place in Italy, it makes it look more classy, but still casual. Like song of style I dressed them down with the mother pleated joggers. Because I usually like very tight jeans or tights it was a bit unfamiliar for me at the beginning, but at the end it is sooooo comfortable. The joggers fit perfect to the Stan Smith. I like the details in green, but you can get them in almost every colour now. In black, red and even in stripes too. Which one is your favourite? Now to the accessoires: This H & M bag has been my favorite, lately. I have been wearing it almost everyday because it is so convenient. I love the simple design and you can wear it to almost every outfit, both business and casual.






stan smith by adidas // mother pleated trainer pants // shirt and bag from h & m // blazer from italy // armani exchange watch

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