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Things to do in Ibiza


Things to do in Ibiza

1. Ibiza streetmarkets
Ibiza is the paradise for hippies. So it’s a must see to visit one of the many of hippie and fashion markets. Here are some examples.


Las Dalias night time market

You can visit the Las Dalias market every Monday and Tuesday from 7pm till 1am. It is a very atmospheric market with live music and a lot of little stalls with specialties like handmade clothing and jewelry.


Hippie Market Punta Arabi

The hippie market in Es Cana is the original one and still the biggest market on the island. It occurs every Wednesday from 10 am till 7 pm. It’s a nice experience. The market is stuffed full of items from all around the world. I loved all the cute handmade ceramic bowls, flower hair bands and paintings. After shopping there are great beaches and pools close by.


Artisan Market

If you want to bring souvenirs for your sweethearts back home you should visit the market in San Miguel. Here you can find all things typical of Ibiza, including local organic food products, arts, soaps and oils. It’s a lovely place with live music and dancers.


Once Upon a time fashion market

This one is a very hip and stylish market at Boutique Hostel Salinas. It’s totally different compare to the street hippie markets. They offer a variety of high quality underground fashion labels, accessories, eco products and many more. Furthermore a DJ is playing great mixes; you can get a cocktail at the bar or just relaxing on the beach nearby.

2. Ibiza Town – Sightseeing
Ibiza Town’s romantic Medieval castle, Dalt Vila, is a must see for all visitors to Ibiza.



Later at night you should enjoy a cocktail in the buzzing port area and see the best of Ibiza by night.




3. Pool parties
Of course there is no Ibiza without party. If you don’t want to spend 50 till 80 EUR entry for a club like Ushuaia – without any drinks included btw. (0,3l beer for 16 EUR O.o) – you should try one of the 100 Poolpartys on the island. You can find a pool with a DJ for free almost everywhere. You only have to pay around 5 till 10 EUR for a sun lounger.

But if you want to have a bit more entertainment you should book tickets for a private pool party. The Ocean Beach Club is the most famous one. Here you can get tanned and entertained by artists, listen to amazing DJs and have great drinks. Admission price is about 15 till 20 EUR incl. sun beds.




Things to do in Ibiza_Collage

Ocean Beach Club Ibiza

4. Sunset
Visit one of many spots for sunset. It doesn’t matter whether at restaurants, bars or at a beach. The sunset is amazing. Here you have some nice spots to visit.

5. Tapas
Spain means Tapas for me. Of course I had to try a lot of tapas bars. Here are some of my favorites.

La Cava (Eivissa): Very delicious tapas and great presentation.

Tapas Bar (San Antonio): A quite place with a lot of different tapas

Contra Vent Bar (San Antonio): Here you can have everything you want, from breakfast till lunch and complete menus.

Deli Bar (Santa Eulalia): Perfect place with a great view.







Here you have some photos of the island Formentera where Julie and I spent one day. We took the ferry in the morning. When we arrived one hour later we had to make the decision of taking a scooter, bikes or the bus. We decided to take the bikes. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! 😀

Even though the island is only 19 km long and quite flat compared to Ibiza, it was so exhausting. Our first stop was the Cap de Barbaria. Our second bad decision for the day. It’s an area with 119 meters height above sea level which means around 2 hours biking uphill in what felt like 50 degrees. I almost died, haha. But the view up there was simply amazing and also the beaches, after another one hour drive, compensated our efforts. The water was magical. Just look at the color.


Es Cap de Barbaria


She has too much energy, haha.



Hollow at Cap de Barbaria

A personal tip: visit the hollow at Cap de Barbaria. The entrance is directly next to the lighthouse. You have to take the ladder to come down. It’s a bit scary in the first moment, but when you are down there you have the perfect view 100 meters above the sea. Also a great place for sunset.


A Pink Beach! *emojiwithhearteyes*