Here you have some photos of the island Formentera where Julie and I spent one day. We took the ferry in the morning. When we arrived one hour later we had to make the decision of taking a scooter, bikes or the bus. We decided to take the bikes. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! 😀

Even though the island is only 19 km long and quite flat compared to Ibiza, it was so exhausting. Our first stop was the Cap de Barbaria. Our second bad decision for the day. It’s an area with 119 meters height above sea level which means around 2 hours biking uphill in what felt like 50 degrees. I almost died, haha. But the view up there was simply amazing and also the beaches, after another one hour drive, compensated our efforts. The water was magical. Just look at the color.


Es Cap de Barbaria


She has too much energy, haha.



Hollow at Cap de Barbaria

A personal tip: visit the hollow at Cap de Barbaria. The entrance is directly next to the lighthouse. You have to take the ladder to come down. It’s a bit scary in the first moment, but when you are down there you have the perfect view 100 meters above the sea. Also a great place for sunset.


A Pink Beach! *emojiwithhearteyes*


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