Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches


Last week I had my first beach holidays since 5 years. You cannot imagine how much I missed it to lie on the beach and simply do nothing. Even though I studied close to the Baltic Sea I never could enjoy the proximity to the beach. First of all because of the major exams which always take place in summer between July and September. Why, nobody knows. And my vision to study at the beach never worked for me, haha.

But this year I had to see the Mediterranean again. So, I asked my friend Julie from Paris to come with me to Ibiza. We haven’t seen each other for almost 5 years as well and Ibiza was the perfect place for a reunion. We had sooo much fun together. Our week was filled with sightseeing, shopping, boat trips, pool parties and many more. But the first point on our priority list was to see all the beautiful beaches in Ibiza. Ok, one week was definitely too short, but we did our best to see as most as possible.

On our first day we took the boat to explore the beaches on the west coast of the island. There you can find a lot of beautiful beaches very serried. You can reach the most beaches by bus as well.

Here you have my top 5 of Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches:


Port d’es Torrent

If you want to have a quite and relaxing time at the beach come to Port d’es Torrent. Here you can find crystal clear water and a white sandy beach. At the beach bar you can get everything you need.


Cala Bassa Beach

At Cala Bassa you can spend your whole day. You have the choise between four restaurants from classic Mediterranean food till high-end Sushi. There are shops and boutiques selling clothes, beachwear, accessories and many more. You can also get a very relaxed treatment under palm trees in the massage area. This is on my to-do-list the next time. 😉


Cala Conta Beach (Platges de Comte)

Cala Conta is the most western beach of the island. It is a beautiful place with three beaches separated by rocks. The beaches are quite small, but you will stay in the water most of the time anyway. There are also a lot of activities to do for example snorkeling, surfing or flyboarding. Very entertaining.  Cala Conta is also a quite famous spot for sunset. I’ll give you another post for that.


Cala d’Hort

The pic speaks for itself.



My absolute favourite! The beaches in Formentera look like in the Caribbean Sea. I never saw such a turquoise water before. See my post about Formentera here.

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