Organic Glamour food bar

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organic glamour food bar

I am feeling like a very bad blogger as I haven’t put up a post for over a month. It is so cute that some of you guys even sent me a message to ask, when I will update again. But don’t worry, I have lots scheduled for you in the upcoming weeks.

But first I want to start with this cute little place, which I have found in my neighbourhood. It is an organic food bar called „organic glamour“. Actually, I went there to have a coffee with my dear friend Marie, but when I saw the salad bar I had to try their vegan salad. All you have to do is to pick three main ingredients. You can choose between lentils, mushrooms, cauliflower, chickpea and so on and so on. Besides of that every salad includes bread with two dips of your choice. I took the one with carrots and beet. It was soooo delicious and healthy at the same time, haha. I really should try to make those dips by my one. Thumbs up!

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