Fringe Skirt Part II


Today‘s! Here are some pics of my favorite outfit for summer. I am totally in love with that high waist fringe skirt. The design and the fabric are just perfect. The fringes jump with every step you take. 🙂

Especially bright beige and brown colors and a little bit of orange give a flashback to the 70s. If you like it more classy you also can wear the skirt with a simple white blouse in 70s style. I chose the colorful striped crop top from RVCA. Crop tops with long sleeves are my absolutely favorite at the moment. I like to wear it with high waist shorts and sneakers or with skinny jeans as well. It’s an eye catcher either way.







Fringe skirt from Riller & Fount // crop top from RVCA // back bag from h&m

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